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in Evoforma Imagen Corporativa SAS, We are committed to the continuous improvement of the Management System for Sustainability, promoting environmental care, compliance with legal requirements and regulations related to environmental, socio-cultural and economic environmental aspects, under ethical guidelines at all the levels of the company, with the purpose of generating profitability for the shareholders of the company's, this will be obtained by providing resources for the training of the company's employees. The above will allow us to offer quality services, increased the expectations of our clients in the development of congress, events and logistics operations.
As a company, we are committed to the rational management of water, wood and other resources used for our missionary purposes, likewise, it is in our interest to make adequate waste disposal and that is why we have established activities that are embodied in our plan solid waste management, always seeking to cause the least negative impact on the environment, the community and future generations.

It will be an organizational principle and as responsible with society, we commit ourselves to the prevention of sexual exploitation of adolescents, boys and girls and we will be the first to report situations to this matter before the competent authorities.

Evo Forma Imagen Corporativa SAS, as part of its commitment and with the aim of generating positive links with society, as its principle to support less-favored and special-ability children through public or private institutions and foundations.

The commitments indicated in this policy are part of our corporate DNA and our entire work team, As part of this, the company's Management defines that the sustainability policy will be reviewed annually and updated in accordance with regulatory requirements or according to internal changes of the company. We are aware that without commitment and monitoring of the programs and actions designed, we will not be able to meet the sustainability objectives, therefore, we have established monitoring mechanisms and as a tool, we use indicators that measure our performance in management.   It will allow us to give value to the company and take advantage of our business opportunities.

This document will be communicated to all company employees and to our concerned parties.

Andrés Jiménez Díaz
Legal Representative
Evo Forma Imagen Corporativa SAS
February, 2019



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