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At EVOFORMA CORPORATE IMAGE S.A.S.; company dedicated to manufacturing and developing stands and BTL events, we are aware that our staff is the most important asset in our company. Therefore, we are highly committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for our employees, interns and other stakeholders.

Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy is based on the following principles; which are applicable to our work center and project delivery area, involving our collaborators and stakeholders:

  • I am responsible for my safety and that of my colleagues

  • Nothing we do justifies an unsafe act

  • All accidents are preventable

In order to comply with the foregoing, we commit to:

  • Identify, evaluate and control the risks inherent to the operation and establish controls.

  • Provide a safe workplace for everyone.

  • Guarantee compliance with applicable legal requirements regarding Occupational Health and Safety.

  • Prevent workplace accidents and incidents through the promotion of safe practices.

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